24 September 2009

mt opc from exmt

skoormit over at exmt sent me some opc for my set ambition. let's take a look.

i chose all of the non-studio cards he sent. here's the best of the bunch, in my opinion - chone figgins. nice that they left the umpire in the shot. i must admit - the new(er) angels stadium is a lot better than it used to be when they shared the facility with the rams. maybe the metrodome will improve once the vikings don't have to share it with the twins. maybe.

brian schneider.at least it's not a studio shot, i guess.

a-rod and jeter - caught in a 'moment'to me, it looks like jeter is explaining that minka kelly > manly looking bleach blonds. that would explain a-rod's conversion to kate hudson types.

livan hernandez.can't believe he still has a job. he's not left-handed for crying out loud.

pedro feliz.so boring, it might as well be a studio shot.

so, let's end with one. mark derosa.


thanks skoormit! hope you enjoyed the stuff i sent back your way.


Collective Troll said...

That Figgins card looks great, I really like that one. The rest, blah! I was excited about that set for while, but was really let down by the photography and the use of spring training pics from 2007 and 2008. In an effort to make a shameless plug-check out my blog for mucho trade bait!

skoormit said...

I got that stack o' DBacks in the mail yesterday. Thanks! Good luck with you OPC set. I enjoyed opening them and posting them to APAD, but I'm not ambitious enough to try to put the whole set together.