11 September 2009

pat neshek through the mail success!

i have sent a few ttm requests to pat neshek while he rehabs down in fort myers, and figured i should post the bounty, especially since he just celebrated his 29th birthday a week ago. how do i know? because he added his birthdate and hometown to this 2008 topps allen & ginter state card!he curiously did not add the stitches or his number to his auto, though.

here's his base 2008 topps a&g with his typical sig

and the mini2009 a&g

and the mini2009 topps base and, just to mix things up, 2008 upper decknot so good for autos.

finally, a 2006 topps '52here he added the stitches to his facsimile auto. nice!

thanks pat! and happy belated birthday! see you at target field in 2010!


Dinged Corners said...

Great Neshek post! Maybe he left the stitches off one signature so he could add them to the facsimile auto and not run out of stitches.

Collective Troll said...

sweeeet autos! he is by far the best ttm signer in baseball. i can't wait to see him pitch next year! definitely one of my favorite non-rays. nice sig, too!