08 September 2009

color me impressed!

less than a month ago, i posted about a (recently) expired redemption card that i pulled and sent to topps anyway. fast forward to today, and i pulled this out of my mailbox.
there was no email from topps confirming that they had received the redemption card. no notice that i was late sending it in. no substitute card a la the fleer/upper deck bankruptcy/buyout disappointment of a few years ago. no, they sent me the right card. very nice.

maybe i should rethink other expiration dates. i think there is some milk in the fridge with an august date on it. i think i'll give it a try.

here's to you, topps redemption man!

1 comment:

The Big Kahuna said...

Well I have to tip my hat to Topps Customer service on that one. You would think they would have sent you a letter stating that the expiration date has passed and blah blah blah or you caught someone in customer service who was having a good day and a good night before hand. Kudos!