25 September 2009

vin scully through the mail success! or, the greatest mail day joy ever.

when i was in jr high, maybe high school, the greatest mail day occurred in february. that's when the sports illustrated swimsuit issue would arrive. yesterday, that was topped. in all, i received 5 different fulfilled ttm requests which is, in and of itself, amazing. but this card is the only one i really noticed. it's a custom 1978 topps vin scully i made a while back, signed in beautiful blue sharpie.topps has made cards of ernie harwell and bob shepard, but not of vin scully. fleer included him on a greats of the game insert (along with steve garvey) a few years back, but that's been about it. i am not even aware of any regional or sga issues that include him. the only thing close i can think of are the union oil portrait gas station giveaways, and those were 8x10 or so. at any rate, mr. scully took just shy of 3 months to sign and return the card (the dodgers website estimates at least 3 months, so i was not surprised). i did include his $10 fee - happily, i might add.

since it's a 1978 topps, i went ahead and created a back, too.

if you're wondering, card 727 is al downing, and 728 is boog powell.

as a dodger fan, you can imagine how i feel about mr. scully. you can read about it here, actually. and while bobby cox is getting all the press about his retirement that may or may not occur a year from now, mr. scully has quietly announced that he, too, may retire then. we'll have to wait and see.

thank you mr. scully, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be!


Matt Runyon said...

Vin Scully's voice brings back memories of listening to ballgames after bedtime on a small radio that I kept stashed under the pillow. The Dodgers were basically our "home" market back then, even though the Giants' AAA team played in Phoenix. I rooted against the Dodgers but enjoyed listening to Vin.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

That is excellent! Congrats. Vin is truly a national treasure. If only one of the guys currently out there had half his talent...

James said...

That's fantastic. Well done. I wish there were cards of him, Harwell, Kalas, etc.

Captain Canuck said...

that's awesome bud, congrats!

I've always wanted to ask though... what's with the hair?
Is he the one who taught Donald?

PunkRockPaint said...

Padres Fan.

Looooooooove Vin Scully!!!


P-town Tom said...

What a sharp signature. Fantastic TTM!