09 September 2009

my 6 in 30

better late than never...

let's pick a random dodger binder and see what happens!

1981 donruss don stanhouse.
between dave goltz and stanhouse it's a wonder the dodgers ever got back into the free agent market. here, stan the man unusual looks like mr. noodle's brother, mr. noodle.

1975 topps mike marshall highlights. a great card with alston, russell and yeager lurking. 106 games. good golly.

1960 fleer zach wheat.in full cryptkeeper mode.

1980 tcma chuck dressen. no real reason to pick this card, other than it is so non-descript.

1969 milton bradley jimmie hall.a non-dodger. how did that get in there? i think jimmie was with the angels for this issue, although you can't tell.

1991 topps fernando valenzuela.his last dodger card. in a classic fernando pose. i sent this one off for a ttm a while back, successfully, i might add.

so there you have it - 6 cards that are easy for a dodger fan (and a jimmie hall) to love!

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