23 September 2009

lance parrish was not a dodger, unfortunately

a couple months ago, i wrote about the fact that larry hisle, though featured as a dodger on his 1972 topps card, was in fact, never a dodger. well, here's another one. lance parrish.parrish was included in the 1993 lapd dodgers stadium giveaway set. best known as a member of the detroit tigers in the late 70s and early 80s, parrish was signed by the dodgers as a free agent prior to the 1993 season. he had previously spent time in philadelphia, anaheim, and seattle after leaving the tigers, and had been fairly productive. the dodgers, meanwhile, had lost mike scioscia to free agency, and were going into the season with 23 year old mike piazza and 26 year old carlos hernandez behind the plate. with the veteran parrish waiting in the minor leagues, piazza started the season with an 11 game hitting streak and was well on his way to winning the rookie of the year award. suddenly, parrish was expendable, and he was released by the dodgers on may 7. he would play in just 10 games for the indians after signing with the tribe that same day. parrish then went to pittsburgh for the 94 season and finished his career in toronto in 95, after being signed by the royals prior to the season.

a classic case of the veteran catcher becoming a vagabond at the end of his career. too bad the dodgers don't officially show up on his resume.


Jim said...

Was someone else on the Dodgers wearing #13 at the time? I'm just curious as to why Lance chose to wear #12 during his short Dodgers tenure.

gcrl said...

joe ferguson was a coach with the dodgers at that time, and he wore 13.