01 July 2015

when the cards go blue

it's nice when the coloring of a card accentuates elements in the photo, and it is particularly nice when it is dodger blue that is being accentuated.  following up on my recent decision to complete the 2007 topps chrome blue refractor dodger team set (which is not really a recent decision - as a team collector, i had already decided to complete it - it's more like prioritizing), i have picked up a trio of cards.

2007 topps chrome jd drew blue refractor
2007 topps chrome brad penny blue refractor
and 2007 topps chrome juan pierre blue refractor
see what i mean?  jd's helmet, brad's stirrups, and juan's fake blue jersey all look better surrounded by those blue borders.

here are some other blue parallels.

2010 topps finest manny ramirez blue refractor
and 2010 topps opening day manny ramirez toppstown
go ahead. steal the code.

sometimes, the blues don't quite match, which was the case with the walmart parallels that started showing up in 2012.

2012 topps dee gordon walmart blue parallel
2013 topps kenley jansen walmart blue parallel
2014 topps hanley ramirez walmart blue parallel
2014 topps update chone figgins walmart blue parallel
and then there are some blue parallels that sparkle, like this 2013 topps dee gordon silver slate blue sparkle parallel
with dee turning two.

sometimes, the blue is subtle, as is the case with this 2014 panini hall of fame don drysdale blue refractor
numbered 54/75 - one off of his jersey number!  just kidding - that does not excite me, but blue cards featuring the big blue wrecking crew (yes, by that i mean dodgers - not new york football giants) do.


Brian said...

I'll admit that hung onto a few of the red target parallels from 2014 Heritage because they looked so good for Reds, Cardinals, and sometimes the Twins (depending on the jersey).
The Wal-Mart Blue Parallels are juuust a little off, or they'd work really well for several teams.
I also had a few black parallels with Braves on them from that set, but traded those away.
It's nice when the parallel works really well with the team. I sent Jeff at 2x3 some silver parallel White Sox that look great.

Jupiterhill said...

I love the blue parallels for the Royals. I am working on completing the Blue Sparkle ones now (almost there). Though I will be honest, I could do without all of them. If they only made gold and maybe black or silver or something I would be just fine with it.

Tony Burbs said...

As a Cubs fan, I too share your affinity for blue parallels.

Robert said...

Speaking of blue, I received your envelope in the mail today, thank you for the Jays cards! They are appreciated.