03 July 2015

baseball cards that travelled from bo in single file to hide their numbers

there are many things that i like about this 1993 donruss tony fernandez card
first of all, it was sent to me by bo from baseball cards come to life in a trade package, which is great.  second, it features the o-pee-chee-esque 'traded' text with a mets logo on what would otherwise be a padre card.  third, there is a double play turn on the back.  and fourth, there is only dirt in the image, so it's a tatooine card.  bo sent a number of those cards for my mini collection.  here's another, also from 1993 donruss, featuring the tigers' phil clark
here are some more.

1993 score select royce clayton
1993 upper deck scott brosius
1993 upper deck craig grebeck
1993 upper deck jose vizcaino
1994 pinnacle kirt manwaring
1994 score bob zupcic
1994 upper deck dave hollins (back)
1994 upper deck collector's choice brian hunter
1994 upper deck collector's choice scott livingstone
1994 upper deck collector's choice dave magadan
1995 donruss junior felix
thanks bo.  these are the cards i was looking for.

i am running out of tatooine references from the star wars movies for these types of posts.


The Junior Junkie said...

The Manwaring bat shadow. Cool.

Brian said...

Nice. There are several of these in the new Stadium Club set, have you already pounced on those?

Bo said...

Glad you enjoyed these. If the next movie is any good we might have to start calling them Jakku cards...