14 July 2015

are they not all-stars?

hey folks! it's all-star tuesday, as if you didn't know.  seems like a good time to show some cards that i had thought came from an all-star set. a while back, i found this card in a repack
i recently found the entire set on sale, and so i now have two kershaws and a hanley ramirez
to complete the dodger team set.

i considered that set to be a 2014 topps national league all-stars factory set and went about my business.  however, i more recently came across the 2015 set, which included clayton kershaw
and yasiel puig
and a smaller national league logo.

the set also included this double play turn card of the cubs' javier baez
at this point, i did a double take, because baez was nowhere near an all-star last year, hitting just .169 in his limited time in the majors.  it turns out that these sets are simply a selection of national league players, which i should have known since hanley wasn't an all-star while with the dodgers, either. 

this card, however, is an all-star card
given out at last year's fan fest activities in minneapolis, and it features that ol' blockhead charlie brown whose creator hailed from saint paul.  i would give a hearty 'auuuuuugh!', but even though those factory sets aren't meant to be all-star sets, i'll still keep the dodgers, so there's no need for frustration here.


Fuji said...

I love the Charlie Brown card. Gotta pick one up.

JediJeff said...

Good Grief!!!!

Nick said...

For Charlie Brown's sake, I hope there aren't stats on the back. He was like 0-484 last time I checked.

The Junior Junkie said...

Seriously - that dude SUCKS at sports.

I want one, too.