26 July 2015

some good things from topps (and panini) in 2015 and contest results

imagine opening a pack of cards in 2015 and finding a 1978 topps steve yeager card.
someone out there had that experience, and then decided to sell that card to me.  the only two buybacks i have ever pulled from a pack were a 1992 topps joel skinner card in (i think) 2001 topps, and a 1971 o-pee-chee bob lemon card from 2009 upper deck opc - neither of which had any stamp to distinguish it from a non-buyback card.

i also went out and bought a few other cards that struck my fancy from one of this year's releases - in this case 2015 topps archives.  i was happy to see that topps used the 1957 topps design, and that they did it better than they did in 2006 when they washed it out with heritage.  here's don sutton
clayton kershaw
and a nice surprise, vladimir guerrero.
it's good to see the expos logo on cardboard.

here's the last '57 i picked up from archives, yasiel puig
i wish they would have used photos from inside dodger stadium, however, as one of the best things about the '57 set is the stadium backgrounds on many of the cards.

topps did use dodger stadium in the background for this mlb the show puig insert
which is nice.

it's not dodger stadium on this robbed in right insert
but at least the effort behind the insert set is appreciated, unlike some of the series 2 inserts (hot streak, stepping up, etc).

i really like this 2015 panini diamond kings puig aficionado card
it's good enough to make me forget that it's an unlicensed card.

back to some 2015 topps stuff, here's a nondescript 2015 topps gypsy queen card of adrian gonzalez
i think gypsy queen has run its course.

topps heritage, however, has somehow made me appreciate the 1964 and 1966 sets more than i did in the past over the last three years. here's gonzalez on a 2015 heritage league leader card
he was the first dodger to lead the league in rbi since matt kemp in 2011.  not so long, but before that, you would have had to go back to 1962 and tommy davis.

one of my favorite insert sets this year was the jackie robinson story set.  i've picked up the last four that i needed to complete the set, including these two (the other two were sent to me by wes at jaybarkerfan's junk).
now when i see branch rickey, i think of han solo.

this may be my favorite insert of 2015, however. it's clayton kershaw on a team spirit card from 2015 topps opening day.
he's tipping his cap to the dodger stadium crowd just as i am tipping my cap to those of you who've been reading these posts of mine over the past not-quite seven years.  and to the two of you who took the time to enter my contest.  as you may recall, it consisted of identifying the 31 cards that have made up my header for the past six-plus years.

neither of you got them all, but alec got 29 out of 31 and john was not too far behind.  here are the answers:
this list might be easier to read:

1. 1987 topps fernando valenzuela
2. 1995 topps national packtime mike piazza
3. 2004 donruss team heroes rickey henderson
4. 1978 topps dodger team/checklist (graded)
5. 2005 topps all-time fan favorites pedro guerrero
6. 1989 upper deck orel hershiser
7. 2007 upper deck russell martin
8. 1971 topps jim lefebvre
9. 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams kirk gibson
10. 2004 upper deck sp legendary cuts jackie robinson
11. 2001 upper deck legends don drysdale/kevin brown reflections in time
12. 1978 o-pee-chee steve garvey
13. 2004 topps robin ventura
14. 2001 upper deck decade '70's ron cey
15. 2005 upper deck sweet spot classic maury wills jumbo patch
16. 1987 fleer bill russell
17. 2001 upper deck gold glove shawn green
18. 1974 topps dave lopes
19. 1992 topps darryl strawberry
20. 1981 topps jack perconte/mike scioscia/fernando valenzuela
21. 2003 topps all-time fan favorites steve yeager autograph
22. 2008 topps dodger factory set dodger stadium
23. 2002 topps american pie duke snider american sluggers blue
24. 1956 topps don zimmer
25. 2004 topps world series highlights kirk gibson
26. 2007 upper deck nomar garciaparra
27. 2001 upper deck legends of new york pee wee reese
28. 1989 fleer world series dodgers team/champions
29. 1997 bowman hideo nomo
30. 1962 topps nl strikeout leaders sandy koufax/stan williams/don drysdale
31. 1999 upper deck century legends mike piazza

i admit, the garvey was impossible to discern as o-pee-chee, and the 1995 piazza and the american pie snider were almost completely obscured (kudos to alec for identifying the snider, though).  thanks to both who took the time to give it a shot - since there were only two of you, i'll send more cards than i had previously advertised.

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Captain Canuck said...

ack. I forgot about this.... I got to 26 then took a break before trying to figure out the rest. That break turned into three days......

ah well. congrats to the winners.