06 September 2011

who needs a twins autograph party?

this year, for the first time in at least several years, the twins did not host an autograph party.  in years past, it was held in mid-june with current players signing from 11-130 or so and former players going from 2-330.  something like that, anyway.  i had attended the last 3 years and had a good time each year, even if orlando hudson didn't sign dodger stuff.

apparently, after last year's rain dampened and somewhat crowded affair at target field, and the continuing complaints of the players, the twins decided to not have the party.  instead, they did some other community outreach events although i am not sure what replaced the fundraising aspect of the autograph party tickets.  anyway, i have had some recent twin ttm successes that helped soften the blow of not standing in line for hours on the crowded target field plaza.

1984 fleer kent hrbek
with chain link fence and an automobile in the background.

tom kelly lives nearby and signs quickly.  here's his 1993 topps managers card
with former dodger jeff torborg, as well as his 2001 topps card
kelly continues to associate with the twins. he has filled in on broadcasts this season, and is also often featured in their better 'twins territory' commercials.  tk with a mullet was almost as good as the jim thome as paul bunyan commercial as far as this year's crop goes.

here's carl pavano's 2009 topps heritage high number
i had also sent a 2000 topps from pavano's time with montreal but that one didn't come back.

speaking of coming back, here's the twins' closer joe nathan on his 2011 topps card
featuring a photo from 2009 since nathan missed the entire 2010 season.  he recently passed rick aguilera on the team's all-time save list.  nathan will someday be inducted into the twins' hall-of-fame like this year's honoree, jim perry

perry signed both of his 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams cards - one with him as a twinkie in 1965
and one with him as an athletic in 1975
perry spent just two and a half months with the a's during the 1975 campaign.  it was the final stop of his career.

here's former dodger jason repko who signed his 2007 upper deck card
repko has been getting a fair amount of playing time this year as so many twins regulars have been injured.  although repko is not immune to the dl himself.  he is signed only through this season and i have a feeling there will be a clearing out of the fringe roster players during the offseason.

finally, there is jon rauch.  this 2009 topps card
isn't a ttm success, rather i had it signed at an appearance rauch made during his time with the twinkies.

thanks guys for signing, as always. 

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Tony said...

It looks like a Chevette on Hrbek's card