22 September 2011

for the last home game of the season, it's the dodger stadium card of the day

here is the 1977-79 (printed in 1979) sportscaster card for dodger stadium, including all of the appropriate heiroglyphs used to identify it as a sporting venue, perhaps outdoors that seats multiple people.
speaking of people, did you know that the capacity of dodger stadium (56,000 - thanks card back)
makes it the largest capacity baseball stadium in the majors?  only because the marlins don't open up half of joe robbie to ticket sales, i suppose.  furthermore, did you know that dodger stadium was designed so that the second level could be constructed at a later date to connect all the way around the outfield?  both statements are true, but i didn't learn that from this card which is pretty much worthless when it comes to providing information.  we do get to see the nice yet character-less symmetry of the playing field and the pitcher-friendly ridiculousness of the foul territory that existed before frank mccourt built a bunch of high-priced seats.

the photo is not too great either, as the san gabriel mountains are totally washed out by the haze.  didn't they have lens filters back in the late '70's?  it is nice to see, however, the lower center field sections of each pavilion before they were 'blacked out' for the batter's eye.  that's how i remember the stadium.

after today's game, chavez ravine will be empty now until next spring and that's too bad.  except for the fact that mccourt won't be making any money.  that could be a good thing.

wait 'til next year!

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