05 September 2011

mos eisley on a baseball card

do you remember what obi-wan kenobi told luke skywalker about mos eisley space port?  "you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainry".  well, that's probably a bit harsh for this card, the dodgers team rbi leaders from the 2008 topps dodgers premium team set that features russell martin, jeff kent and luis gonzalez, but in the case of kent and especially gonzalez, it's not too far off from this dodger fan's way of thinking.
it should be noted that these are the same three guys that led the team in home runs (kent with 20, martin with 19, and gonzo with 15 in a tie with james loney).  and gidps.  martin, who led the team with 87 rbi in 2007, would fall under the category of 'villainry' because of his current status as a yankee.  i don't really blame him for leaving la, although it seemed as though ned was surprised and didn't really have a solid plan for the catcher position this season.

jeff kent had a pretty decent season for the dodgers in 2007 (20/79/.302), but i never really warmed to the idea of him as a dodger.  i think it was because of his time with the giants and his alleged personality, but i'm not sure which held more weight.  he is straddling the line between scum and villainry.

firmly ensconsed in both scum and villainry is luis gonzalez.  his 2007 season produced a line of 15/68/.278, and if james loney had driven in just 2 more runs, this post would not have been possible.  gonzalez's biggest fault, in my opinion, was the way he whined about playing time while at the same time he was blocking none other than matt kemp from being in the lineup more often.  it would have been nice if he had embraced a mentorship role, but he did not.

i suppose if there truly were mos eisley on a baseball card, it would feature that pig-nosed guy, walrus man, and perhaps greedo or the bartender who discriminates against droids.  and that card would be created by the guy who also made this three-dodger card featuring his favorite boys in blue (which is saying something because he's a padres fan).
that guy would, of course, be travis at punk rock paint.  he has a fantastic collection of retro-styled star wars cards that he has created over the last few months that are well worth your time, even if they don't include any of the mos eisley characters yet. 

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