07 November 2010

they came from left field

it looks like it will be another year of photoshopping for topps and scott podsednik (just like this 2010 topps update card)
as he declined his option and became a free agent and will likely be wearing some other uniform in 2011. 

meanwhile, john moses, the dodgers aaa hitting coach got canned because xavier paul didn't progress enough at the plate or in the field.
aside from jamie carroll, who at either level outperformed expectations?  i really thought that paul could be our left fielder nex year, but it sounds like they're down on him.  on a tangentially related note, i wonder if chili davis will get a look to fill moses' old job.

still, the dodgers did re-sign jay gibbons the other day
gibbons could be our leftfielder, but if paul isn't ready, then i'm hoping that ned brings in a better option in left, in which case gibbons becomes the main lefty off the bench.  shouldn't be too hard to top ga's performance this year.

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