26 November 2010

giving thanks for through the mail successes, part 2

my ttm cup runneth over.  there are a bunch of successes i've had over the past year that are sitting in my scanned folder.  here are some more to go with yesterday's post.  i'm thankful for them all.

1978 topps vida blue
i was a big vida blue fan for the latter half of his career, although it was mostly because i caught 'billy ball' fever around 1980 and started collecting a's cards from the early 70's and wound up learning a lot about blue.  that and fernando's 1981 season had a lot of people recalling blue's rookie season.  this auto cost me $5. well worth it - thanks vida!

1978 topps ivan dejesus
along with his 1979 topps card
i completely spaced on sending him the only dodger card i know of of his - the 1975 sspc card.  maybe next year.  thanks ivan!
1978 topps richie hebner
hebner obliged my request the second time around.  i love this card.  it is pure 1978 to me.  thanks richie!

1978 topps andy etchebarren
i was a fan of the angels' old haloed state logo.  the fact that etchebarren was only 34 when this photo was taken blows my mind.  it's like the 1976 topps gaylord perry card (he was 36 believe it or not).  thanks andy!

1978 topps tim foli
and a 1980 o-pee-chee tim foli
along with a 1984 donruss tim foli
i really wanted the 1980 card signed, as i think it is one of the most awkward photos you will ever see on a baseball card.  i still haven't looked up the bible quote tim is directing me to.  thanks tim!

1978 topps bobby winkles
gotta love the white hat look.  thanks bobby!

1978 topps jim thome woodie fryman
and a 1979 topps woodie fryman
i remeber fryman best as an expo since he pitched against the dodgers in the 1981 nlcs.  i recall being happy that he gave up a bases loaded single to dusty baker to break open a close game.  thanks woodie!

1978 topps darold knowles
this was the last card i needed to finish my 1978 topps set.  that's one reason why i sent copy to be signed. thanks darold!
1978 topps gene richards
i'm still not sure if he's leaning on a rake or what.  thanks gene!

1978 topps rob picciolo
1984 donruss rob picciolo
picciolo had only 25 career walks and had 34 gidp. that is not good. the things you learn from baseball reference. thanks rob!

1978 topps toby harrah
and 1984 donruss toby harrah
that '78 harrah is one of my faves.  thanks toby!

1978 topps floyd bannister
1979 topps floyd bannister
and a 1984 donruss floyd bannister
bannister was the first overall pick in the 1976 amatuer draft.  thanks floyd!
1978 topps don money
and 2004 upper deck legends don money
i was confused by don money in 1978.  his card listed him as an outfielder/dh yet he started at second base in the all star game.  then i find out he played mostly first base that season.  thanks don!

2004 upper deck legends bert campaneris
campy hit only .179 in the '72 series.  then he hit .373 against the dodgers in the 1974 fall classic.  thanks bert!

2004 upper deck legends bob boone
boone kept the 1978 topps card i also sent him to sign.  thanks bob!

1978 topps joe rudi
2004 upper deck legends joe rudi
rudi hit .333 with a home run against the dodgers in the 1974 world series.  his was one of the many stances i used to mimic in the front yard.  it was easy to do - you just need to slouch a bit.  thanks joe!

1978 topps art howe
and 1979 topps art howe
while indifferent to howe the player, i was never a fan of howe the manager.  that's because he managed the astros in 1991 when the dodgers finished 1 game behind the braves in the nl west.  howe's astros lost 5 of 6 to the braves in the last couple weeks of the season with andujar cedeno booting the ball all over the infield.  thanks art!

1978 topps danny walton
walton was a member of the 1976 dodgers.  he hit .133 in 18 games, all as a pinch hitter.  thanks danny!
1979 topps sal bando
and 2004 upper deck legends sal bando
bando took it easy on the dodgers in the 1974 world series, hitting only .063.  thanks sal!


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of nice autographs. :)

MattR said...

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.