28 November 2010

here are some 2010 goose joak dodgers

there were stories to be told late in the season, but i was down for the count.  here are some goose joak cards i made that are past their expiration dates.

rod barajas, o-pee-chee style
no arbitration for you!

ronald belisario
he looks like i feel about the 2010 season

scott elbert
maybe we'll see more of him next year
aj ellis

dee gordon
the future at shortstop

chin-lung hu
probably needs the proverbial 'change of scenery'

kenley jansen
the new closer?

matt kemp
primed for comeback player of the year

clayton kershaw
primed to be the ace

hiroki kuroda
it's nice that someone wanted to be in la

john lindsey
the feel good story of the season.  while it was a great story, on the field success for the team would have been better.

jon link
you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  luckily for jon, it was his 2nd and 3rd appearances that stunk, not his first.

james loney
not once, but twice
trade bait?  i don't think so.

russ mitchell
2 of mitchell's 6 hits were home runs.

trent oeltjen
not to be outdone, 2 of oeltjen's 5 hits were for extra bases

travis schlichting
went 1-0 on the mound and 0 for 1 at the plate.

1 comment:

Dodgerbobble said...

Beautiful cards. My favorite is the Hiroki card. I love the shadow on the mound. That's Dodger Stadium at around 7:10 pm. I love it.