21 November 2010

goose joak twinkies

cleaning out the 2010 goose joak files.  here are some twins

denard span
may get a challenge in the outfield from ben revere next season
joe mauer
may be on the downside of his career already.  i have to believe he won't be catching much longer.

michael cuddyer
may be the twins' unsung hero the last two seasons, filling in for justin morneau at first

nick punto
may be the most overrated twin, and may have incriminating photos of gardy which would explain why he got so much playing time the last few seasons.
jim thome
may be back next season

delmon young
may be on the verge of the big time - he's just turned 25 for goodness' sake!

wait 'til next year, twinkies!  i'm looking forward to seeing the dodgers in target field!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) Mauer isn't CLOSE to leaving his catching position yet.

2) Cuddy is paid too much to be "unsung"

3) _elm_n Y_ung isn't breaking out of anything; we're seeing his peak.

4) those cards rock