06 November 2010

if mike scioscia suits up for the padres, but never plays, does he make a sound?

wait - that's a different question.  what i meant to ask is, does that still mean he's a career dodger?
scioscia had major shoulder surgery and was trying to extend his career when he signed with the pads for the 1993 season.  he didn't make it, but he didn't give up, either.  he signed a deal with the rangers for the 1994 season and even made a singular appearance for one of their minor league clubs before being cut.  in the end, he only wore a dodgers uniform as a major league player.

i know this is somewhat of a moot question since he has gone on to wear an angels uniform, but can we consider mike scioscia (the player) a career dodger?


Mariner1 said...

I would say yes as a player. I still find it hard to believe that the Dodgers didn't evr keep him as a coach in the big leagues. I think he would have took over when Lasorda retired, and the team wouldn't be in such shambles. Except for the fact that ownership has been a mess since the O'Malley family has left the team.

Captain Canuck said...

pics, or it didn't happen.

steelehere said...

I've always had the same question about Dave Concepcion as a result of his 1989 Spring Training tryout with the California Angels after the Reds released him the year prior.


Anonymous said...

steelehere, do you have any photos of Concepcion's tryout with the Angels? I've searched high and low and can't find any.

GCRL, Mario Soto was traded to the Dodgers mid-season 1988, but never pitched for them. 1989 Score was the only set to recognize the move. Also, Jack Morris signed on with the Reds during the winter of '94 and was in Spring Training '95, but didn't go north with the team. There is at least 1 baseball card of the should-be HOFer in a Reds uniform.

gcrl said...

i knew about soto but not concepcion. kinda like canseco in an angels uni on that topps card.