28 October 2010

world series game 1 recap

wow what a game that was. 

mickey hatcher taking dave stewart deep in the bottom of the first and then sprinting around the bases, almost catching up to steve sax?
and how about tim belcher, a rookie, starting the game for the dodgers since orel hershiser had pitched so often (and so brilliantly) in the nlcs against the mets.
belcher struggled a bit at first, and gave up that grand slam to canseco - still one of the top 4 hardest hit balls i have ever seen in person.  of course, the real heroics came in the 9th courtey of the league mvp.  what a great way to start the fall classic. 

so what if it was 22 years ago. you didn't think i was going to write about the no-cals did you?

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