25 October 2010

spreckens sie speckenbach?

one thing about vintage cards, they don't make them anymore.  the sets aren't getting any bigger.  no inserts, no parallels (usually).  pretty straight forward for a team collector.  in the case of 1964 topps, there are the individual players' cards, the team card, and a couple of rookie cards for the dodgers.  in fact, here is the list from the fantastic resource teamsets4u

1964 topps - dodgers
14 dodgers rookies (nen, willhite)
30 ron perranoski
51 pete richert
68 willie davis
88 john roseboro
101 walt alston
120 don drysdale
154 dick tracewski
180 tommy davis
200 sandy koufax
214 ken mcmullen
231 dick calmus
249 doug camilli
291 phil ortega
310 jim gilliam
337 dodgers rookies (ferrara, torborg)
353 wally moon
371 frank howard
394 bob miller
411 lee walls
456 dodgers rookies (parker, werhas)
490 ron fairly
531 dodgers team
549 joe moeller
553 jim brewer
580 johnny podres

now, since i know the dodgers won the world series in 1963 (they swept a team called the yankees, by the way), i scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a few more cards featuring the boys in blue that aren't included in the team checklists

136 world series game 1 (koufax strikes out 15)

137 world series game 2 (davis sparks rally)
138 world series game 3 (la takes 3rd straight)
139 world series game 4 (sealing yanks' doom)
140 world series summary (the dodgers celebrate)

and, since sandy koufax was so dominant in 1963, i look for the league leader cards in that same part of the checklist

1 nl e.r.a. leaders (ellsworth, friend, koufax)
3 nl pitching leaders (koufax, marichal, spahn)
5 nl strikeout leaders (drysdale, koufax, maloney)

so that's it right?  the dodger team set sits at 34 cards, and i have most of them.
well...no so fast.  i was digging through a bargain vintage bin at the local card show earlier this month when i saw this
gah!  curse these multi-team rookie cards!  i had never heard of paul speckenbach.  according to baseball reference,  he pitched for the dodgers' single a affiliate in santa barbara in 1963 as a 19 year old.  in 1964 he was with the cardinals' single a team in rock hill, south carolina.  then he pulled a keyser soze and was gone (albeit with arm troubles).

obviously, this card never made it to my want list since i bought it about 1 minute after i learned it existed, but, for a brief moment in time 46 years after the fact, the 1964 dodgers team set got a little bit bigger.

here's to you, paul speckenbach!


Wrigley Wax said...

The exact same thing happened to me! I thought I had all the '64 Cubs until I was scanning eBay and happened upon this card. And Wayne Schurr was just as anonymous as Paul Speckenbach.

night owl said...

Teamsets4u needs to have these rookie cards listed along with the other players, like Topps checklists used to do back in the day.

Chris Stufflestreet said...

Gotta love those long German-derived last names starting with "S" and having three syllables!

My kinda guy!

Johngy said...


dalexandro said...

Paul Speckenbach ended up teaching business and coaching basketball at his alma mater--St. Francis Prep in Queens, NY. I played on his freshman basketball team in 1986-1987. Great guy.

MrMopar said...

I am trying to track him down to see if he will sign the card for me!!

MrMopar said...

I found him and was told to send my card for signature, so i think i may have it shortly. I asked if he cared if i shared his address with you, since I thought you might want to TTM him. I'll let you know what he says, assuming he answers.

Unknown said...

Speckenbach was a teacher of mine in high school. He died within the last couple years. I know he was in the minors for the Dodgers and another team, I think the cardinals.

MrMopar said...

Yes, he died not too long after I sent him a card for signature.