21 October 2010

no bull - an al ferrara through the mail success!

i received my 1968 topps al ferrara card back in the mail a couple of weeks ago.   
i sent him $5 along with the card, and he signed both it and a note.
ferrara is a brooklyn native who played for the dodgers from 1963-1968.  his best year was 1967 when he played in 122 games with 16 home runs.  after the 1968 season, ferrara was taken by the padres in the expansion draft.  he played in san diego for 3 years, finishing his career with the reds in 1971.

ferrara got one postseason at bat, and it was in 1966.  he pinch hit for don drysdale in the bottom of the 9th inning in game 4 against dave mcnally and the orioles.  ferrara, representing the tying run, singled with one out.  unfortunately, the dodgers didn't score and the orioles won 1-0 to sweep the series.

i think the least i can do is honor the bull's wishes and 'remember johnny podres', so here is his 1957 topps card
thanks al, and here's to both you and johnny! 


MrMopar said...

Interesting comment about Podres. Did you mention him at all in your request or did Ferrara just mention him out of the blue?

gcrl said...

i didn't mention podres at all.

thanks for the heads up on the burke auto, btw. i appreciate it.

MrMopar said...

No problem, I see that you got it. Congrats!! I see a post in the near future!!!