22 October 2010

a mea culpa to mea traders

i love trading.  i just get behind on posting about it sometimes.  sadly, my procrastination resulted in a number of scans of cards i received in completed trades being lost. 

so, i apologize to

voice of the collector (dodger cards)
long fly ball to because (1995 topps brooklyn dodger archives set needs)
thorzul (dodger cards)
reader steve (dodger cards)
sign here...and here (dodger cards including a sweet saito auto)
sewing machine guy and carl crawford cards (group break swag - dodgers of course)
the sandlot (dodger cards)
play at the plate (dodger cards including the three recognizable ones in the scan below)
democratic roadkill (dodger cards including a russell martin a&g extended mini!)
on card autos (dodgers)
night owl (dodger hand me downs)
the middle child (dodgers)
field level view (dodgers)
project '62 (dodgers)
cardboard junkie (dodgers, 2009 opc needs, and a pack of 1988 opc cards with the gum stuck to a dave magadan card) - dayf i have a package almost ready to send your way.
baseball cards come to life (dodgers, double plays, and cards featuring dodger stadium)
the giants fan from the bench (dodgers)
cory the dodger auto hound (dodgers, twins, and a troncoso in person auto)

there were a ton of great cards in these trades, so thank you all.

so, now that that is taken care of...anyone wanna trade?


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I've already got a stack of cards put aside for you. I'll send it your way for nothing at all, but if you want to send something my way, I will always take O's cards or any of the set needs listed at the top of my blog.
email me at salsmanado at gmail.

night owl said...

I already have another stack that hopefully will head out next week.

Play at the Plate said...

No problem sir!