13 August 2010

time to pay the collector

yes, it is once again time to pay up for i am joe collector's monthly box break.  while i haven't been delinquent in my payments, i have been slow in posting the bounty i have received.  here's a smattering from the april breaks.  you'll note that it's been so long that only one of the players i am showcasing is still with the dodgers!

and that player is russell martin, shown here on a 2009 topps unique card
martin's done for the year, though, so that almost counts.  in fact, he may not be back as a dodger next year.

jim thome is now a twin
along with joe mauer
ok, so mauer was never with the dodgers.  i don't know if the red or the black is the base in this set.  i think it's the black.

here's yet another twin, orlando hudson on a 2009 topps u&h card
this is also the card hudson refused to sign (but he did so very politely) at the twins autograph party.

here's his 2009 topps heritage high number card.  it's an sp, i believe.
here's that thome fellow again.
i wish he would have hit at least one homer as a dodger.

how about jon garland?
he's a padre.  i think we could have used him this season.  11 wins?  yes, we could have used him.

finally, there's mark loretta
he's retired and presumably tired of waiting for me to post his final card.

thanks for hosting the breaks, jeff.  keep 'em coming!

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