18 August 2010

no more nomar

yes, i know nomar retired well before the season began, and that he's now a sometimes talking head on espn. speakinf of which, does anyone watch espn for their baseball coverage anymore?  anyway, i just recently picked up nomar's last card, his 2009 upper deck update card proving that he, like mike piazza before him, ended his career in an a's jersey.
i wonder how long it will be before he is included in topps tribute or other similar sets (will there be similar sets?) now that there is no more legendary cuts.  this assumes that nomar will sign a contract with topps, which is something he hadn't done since 2006.

i also picked up his 2003 upper deck vintage 3-d slugger short print
this is the only one of the subset that i have, and i have resigned myself to never completing the set because these are pretty hard to find, especially at a reasonable price.

i was big on the nomar bandwagon even before he left boston and was very excited when he joined the dodgers in 2006.  his homerun in the 4+1 game was probably the highlight of the franchise in the 2000's for me.  it was awesome. 

i was really hoping for a nomar 'final tribute' in 2010 upper deck, but alas, there was not.   even though there are no more nomar cards being made, i am sure there are some of his dodger cards that i am missing from my collection.  i'll have to figure that out and start tracking them down.

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