22 August 2010

sunday morning target dodgers

did you know that johnny rutherford was a dodger?
he was.  although not the johnny rutherford you probably are thinking of - the one that won the indy 500 three times.  the dodgers' johnny rutherford pitched for them in 1952.  that was it - one and done.  he went 7-7 as a starter and reliever that year, and even appeared in the world series.  he gave up one run in his only inning of work in the fall classic, allowing a triple to mickey mantle who scored on a relay error by pee wee reese.  more impressive is that he hit .290 (9 for 31) in his career.

dave anderson had two stints in la with the dodgers
in between, he played for the giants of all teams.  kirk gibson's on deck decoy played 8 seasons for the dodgers and is now a coach for the rangers. 

lonny frey
like anderson, frey was a middle infielder.  unlike anderson, frey played for the dodgers in the early 1930's.  he broke in with brooklyn in 1933 and spent 4 seasons there before he was traded to the cubs.  the reds snatched him up and he had his best seasons in cincinnati and won a world series with them in 1940.  in 1947 he was a member of the yankees and faced his old team in the world series.  he went 0 for 1 with an rbi but got another ring.

merv shea
shea's lone season with the dodgers came in 1938.  he backed up babe phelps but hit just .183.  according to wikipedia, he played himself in a jimmy stewart movie.  i am almost curious enough to netflix it.

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