14 August 2010

gint-a-cuffs packs 13 through 15

after 12 packs i'm sitting on 101 points.  let's see if i can at least double that in the second half of the box.  here's pack 13:
revolving door.  awesome.  one of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't use the revolving door, especially in minnesota in the winter.
anne donovan.
zach duke.
adam jones. +2 (fp)
robinson cano bat relic. +12, -6
galileo a&g back mini. +2
this day in history jim thome/krakatoa. +1

total pack 13: 11

pack 14:
della vega.
luke hochevar.
nyjer morgan.
hunter pence.
mark derosa.
baseball highlight sketch insert - jonathan sanchez. +3
lords of olympus - the muses. +3
this day in history hideki matsui/baseball hall of fame. +1

total pack 14:  7

pack 15:
rafael furcal. +1 (ft)
ken blackburn.
chase headley.
hanley ramirez. +2 (fp)
brandon inge.
josh johnson.
monsters of the mesozoic - apatosaurus. +3
this day in history roy halladay/lewis and clark. +1, +2 (fp)

total pack 15:  9

just for good measure, here's a better look at the second dodger to come out of my box:
running total:  128

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