14 July 2010

who's that lurker?

here's lee mazzilli's 1983 topps card. 
it's all mazzilli except for about 2/3 of a brewer waiting for mazzilli to finish his home run trot so the game can start again. common sense tells us that it might be robin yount, but let's be sure. mazzilli played in a total of 39 games for the yankees - all in the last part of 1982. he hit home runs in 6 of those games, and only one against the brewers - on september 12, 1982. it was at home so he would have had pinstripes on. it came off of hall of famer don sutton in the bottom of the third with a man aboard, cutting the brewers' lead to 5-2. robin yount did indeed play shortstop the entire game for harvey's wallbangers. the yankees wound up winning the game 9-8, but the brewers had the last laugh, going all the way to the world series.

here's to you robin yount, background lurker!

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shanediaz82 said...

Always love these sleuthing posts!