09 July 2010

the highs and low of 1997 pinnacle zenith

for the most part, 1997 pinnacle zenith is perfection on cardboard.  it's kind of like topps stadium club but cleaner.  the photography is great, and not limited to the usual field level baseline shots.  look at ken griffey jr's card:
the ball is launched.  the dirt is varying shades of brown and there's a touch of green grass.  perfect.

javy lopez has some company on his card,
as raul mondesi has slid in to home (safely, i presume) at dodger stadium.  there is a lot of action captured in this card.  absolute dodger stadium/lurker perfection.

anticipation is more like it on tony gwynn's card
will he or won't he?  i love the strata of the grass and infield dirt, the wall and the padres' orange home run line.  and to have no umpire or catcher in the frame is awesome.  the palm tree is completely brotus.  perfect.

kenny lofton has just begun his flight on his card
there should be more cards of lofton, rickey, carl crawford, maury wills etc with this kind of photo.  it's what they are/were known for.  perfecto!

the landscape panaromic shot works nicely on cal ripken jr's card
a nice line drive captured in its infancy.  no one has reacted yet.  perfect!
greg maddux
again, the subject is shown doing what he's known for.  in this case, pitching.  nice to see the rosin bag make an appearance, too.  perfection.

deion sanders
this is a great shot too.  it looks like sanders has shortened his swing to make contact, and his head is down watching the contact being made.  prime time, indeed!  it's perfect.

bernie williams
this is one of the few cards that i take issue with.  yes, the grass is really green, but we don't gain much by having such a wide shot of bernie.  not quite perfect.

and then, there's ivan rodriguez.
i have no words.  except not even close to perfection on cardboard.
here's to you, 1997 pinnacle zenith (at least, to most of you)! 


Captain Canuck said...

umm.... so how do you really feel?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea about 97 Zenith. Those are gorgeous. Thanks for the heads-up on these...definitely going to pick some up now.

--David said...

Wow, that I-Rod is just... wrong.