05 July 2010

dayf's not the only one with comics

while dayf is 'treating' us to 'the kid who could' i figured i would show off some real baseball related comics. in 1979, topps experimented with a bazooka joe type issue featuring the stars of the day.  i am guessing it flopped because it hasn't been duplicated since.  up until recently, i only kept the steve garvey comic in my collection (i think i have 2)
while i added reggie smith's comic to my 'nefarious 9'.  now, thanks to mrmopar from '1978 when it all began' i have reggie and another garvey - taken from an uncut roll that curt had laying around.
i received a bunch more cards from curt that i will showcase in a later post.  it's nice to be able to trade with a fellow garvey collector and sometimes (although not as often as a few years ago) ebay nemesis.  if you have a chance, check out mrmopar's blog.  he is a superior garvey super collector, with many garvey cards that i will never own - oddball and otherwise.

as far as the comics go, i am left to wonder, however, if all of the inside baseball tips dealt with a batters' fair ball.  still, it's better than a breakfast cereal mascot, an underachieving kid and a defensive shortstop who only hit lefthanded homeruns against the dodgers in the playoffs.

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