05 July 2010

brooklyn, where it all began

i've been stalled on my quest to complete the 1995 topps brooklyn dodger archive set for quite a while.  mrmopar of '1978 the year it all began' was kind enough to send a bunch of cards that i needed recently.  here's a sampling:

jackie robinson (1952)
this is probably the closest i will come to owning a 1952 topps jackie robinson, as it's a short print (as are most of the dodgers).

roy campanella (1952)
ditto for this card.  the first five cards of the 1952 short prints are: mickey mantle, jackie robinson, bobby thomson, roy campanella, and leo durocher.  good golly miss molly.

duke snider (1952)
the duke's 1952 card is more readily obtainable, but will still set you back a good chunk of change.  i always thought this card looked like something out of a golden age superman comic.  very 1950's.

duke snider (1953)
here's one of the many 'cards that should have been' that were created for the archives set.  duke most likely had an exclusive deal with bowman in 1953, so topps didn't include him in the set.  i don't think duke's card would have looked anything like this, though.  it's not 'painted' at all.

jim gilliam (1953)
gilliam actually appeared in the 1953 set - this would be his 'rookie card'.  someday i'll have the authentic version.

gil hodges (1953)
hodges is in the same boat as duke snider when it comes to 1953 topps, as is pee wee reese in 1954. 

pee wee reese (1954)
at least this card looks like it could have been part of the original topps set.  it's kind of strange to think that so many players were left out of sets back then due to competing contracts.  aside from alex rodriguez early in his career and barry bonds and nomar in the final years of their careers, i can't think of any players that have gone exclusive with a card company.  but then again, i don't follow that sort of stuff too closely.  besides, there aren't that many companies around anymore.

don drysdale (1955)
here's a card that never was, not because of any exclusivity on drysdale's part, but rather because he didn't debut for the dodgers until 1956.  his rookie card is in the 1957 topps set.

sandy koufax (1955)
speaking of rookie cards, koufax was included in the 1955 set for the first time.  he made his debut that year, pitching in 12 games and winning 2, both of which were shutouts.

i just realized that all of the players i showcased here have their numbers retired by the dodgers, except for gil hodges.  hopefully that changes with a hof election in the coming years.

thanks curt!

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Tunguska said...

Glad you posted this. I built this set when it came out and my doubles are buried somewhere. Once I find them I will have a look through and hopefully knock off some needs.

I am short one of the Jackie Robinson cards, if you have doubles.