01 October 2014

some super garveys from the steve garvey oddball binder

i'm continuing to scan and post my way through my steve garvey collection - at least that part of it that is in binders.  i'm just about done with what i consider to be the oddball binder.  that one consists of mostly oddly sized cards and a few other things.  here are a few 5x7 sized items from topps.

steve garvey didn't get a card in the 1971 topps super set (or the 1970 set either, for that matter), but he was one of only two dodgers to be featured in the 1980 version of the set (davey lopes was the other). there are two varieties of garveys in that set - one is a gray back and the other a 'normal' back, but you can't really tell from the fronts, although the two in my collection have different color exposures.
the gray back is on the right, but i don't know if all of those versions had different exposures on the front or not.  here are the backs.
in 1981, garvey was the only dodger to be featured in the national version of the super set.  he also received a card in the home team set, along with 11 of his dodger teammates.  the cards look identical on the front
but have different backs.
that's the home team version on the left with the checklist.

topps took a break from these oversized cards in 1982 and 1983, and then in 1984 decided to make them again.  this time, however, they just blew up the players' base card.  here are the garveys from the 1984 and 1985 topps super sets
1985 shows up first because i scanned the page from the binder, and then rotated the image of the two-pocket sheet.  here are the backs - 1985 on top, 1984 on the bottom for the same reason.
in 1985, topps added an extra line of text to the bottom, reminding us all that garvey was the nlcs mvp in 1984.  he also won the award as a dodger in 1978 - where's that text topps?

1986 was the last year, of garvey's career anyway, that topps put out the super set.  here's garvey's card - again just a blow up of his base card
but again with some added text on the back
one wouldn't think that garvey would lead the 1985 padres in triples when that team also had a speedier tony gwynn and garry templeton on the roster.  i would have also expected alan wiggins to have more triples, but then recalled that he was traded to the orioles in 1985.

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mr haverkamp said...

Any idea how rare the 1981 Super Home Team (w/checklist on reverse) are? I've been looking for the Mike Schmidt card for years without success. Thanks for the photos and great identifications.