11 October 2014

i don't think there are too many birds on tatooine. womp rats, yes. byrds, well maybe.

i received a pwe from jeff at 2x3 heroes recently.  jeff is a fellow double play collector, so sometimes he'll send some of those with an array of dodgers.  this time, however, he aimed for another of my mini collections and sent cards from the planet farthest from the bright center of the universe. or something like that.  here's one of the 'tatooine' cards he sent - a 2010 upper deck marlon byrd
nothin' but dirt.

as for dodgers, there was a 2014 topps allen & ginter zack greinke
 a 2006 fleer ultra nomar garciaparra
 a 1996 topps finest ramon (nomar spelled backwards) martinez
here's a 2005 fleer adrian beltre diamond tribute insert
which compares him on the back to mike schmidt.

also included was a 1993 pinnacle darryl strawberry, among others.
i wonder if those moisture farmers at anchorhead grew strawberries?

and that's how you bring the post full circle.  thanks jeff!

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