01 October 2014

mostly smokeys from the garvey oddball binder

only you can guess which steve garvey card shown below isn't a smokey the bear issue.
those all come from the garvey oddball binder.  of course, the only card without smokey on it - the middle top card - is from 1986 donruss all-stars set, and is the pop-up garvey featuring the now demolished hubert h humphrey metrodome, site of the 1985 all-star game.  the others are all national forest service related giveaways.

speaking of the metrodome, i have seen regular season baseball games in 16 different stadiums.  however, three of those stadiums - jack murphy, busch, and the metrodome - either are not being used for baseball anymore or are no longer in existence.  i'll have to get back to san diego and saint louis sometime to see the new (to me) ballparks.

back to the cards.  starting at the top left, we have the 1984 smokey padres team set garvey, the aforementioned 1986 donruss all-stars pop-up garvey, a 1987 smokey dodgers all-star card of garvey, plus three garvey related cards from the 1987 smokey dodgers record breaker set.

garvey got three cards in the 1987 smokey dodgers set thanks to his membership in the record setting infield, his consecutive games played streak, and his involvement in the first quartet of teammates to each hit at least 30 homeruns in a season.  two of those three cards feature images made into giveaway bobbleheads, by the way.

here are the backs (reversed in order thanks to the fact that i just scanned the back of the 6-pocket page from the binder)
i have one other smokey card in the garvey binder - it comes from the 1987 national smokey bear day set.
unlike previous years, this was not a team/regional set.  in 1987, the set included players from every team.  here's the back
i wish smokey and his cubs would come to my house and do some gardening.

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