02 October 2014

here's a question about a random card from my scanned folder

i picked up this 2014 topps pro debut corey seager card somewhere along the way
he hit a combined .349 this year between high-a and double-a, and may well be in triple-a next year when the dodgers open shop in oklahoma city next year.  looking at the card got me wondering - what number will seager wear in the majors (22 is taken)?  and why is his name pronounced see-ger, like bob seger, instead of say-ger, like steve yeager?

anyway, i am thankful that ned didn't send seager anywhere in an attempt to get another starter (the roberto hernandez trade was bad enough), and hopefully in a year or two we will find out what number seager wears as a dodger.


JediJeff said...

Wear 222 - be the first triple digit player in MLB.

Matthew Scott said...

Kershaw is a nobody. Seager should just demand 22.