11 November 2011

giving up garvey

today is the last day for me as the sponsor of steve garvey's baseball reference page.  i love baseball reference.  i use it a lot.  i even just browse around the site, looking at various pages for fun.  yes, for fun.  however, i had noticed over the past few months that the prices they were asking for sponsorship were pretty high.  i didn't know what they were going to ask for garvey's site until 3 weeks ago, when i got the email reminding me that it was getting close to renewal time.  it turns out that i could re-up for $150, approximately the value of over 150 2005 topps retired gold garvey cards.
that's a lot of cards.  i'm not sure what i paid to sponsor the site initially, back in 2008.  i will guess $35.  to renew it in 2009 cost me $30.  in 2010, i paid a whopping sum of $10 for another year of sponsorship.  a week ago, i got another email.  my lack of action meant that now it would cost me $180 to renew for another year.  by that time, however, i had already decided against it.

like i said, i still use the site quite a bit and am willing to sponsor somebody.  in a post not too long ago, i mentioned that bill russell's page was available for $45, while ron cey's would cost $85 and davey lopes' $75.  if i choose to think out of the infield, i could sponsor the 1978 dodgers (the team of my youth!) for $45 or give steve yeager some love for $30.  i could also pick up the tab for myron white's page for $10.

but, since today is veteran's day, i will choose to sponsor the page of roy gleason.  it may be the best $10 i spend today.

here's to you roy, and thank you for your service. 

as for the garv, i'm still a fan.  i made this 1993 pinnacle style card to prove it
while i was at it, i decided to do another take on the idols subset, this one with a twin cities spin
someone should tell justin morneau that over at hockey-reference, patrick roy is available for $50.


Matt Runyon said...

Perhaps Ed Goodson

gcrl said...

matt that is not a bad idea.

Captain Canuck said...

nice choice.

steelehere said...

What's crazy is that BBR is asking $270 to sponsor Garvey's page now.

I think you should sponsor Jim Gilliam's page. It's available for $45 and is a perfect for a 1978 Dodgers fan.

MrMopar said...

Now it's up to $270 to sponsor.