21 November 2011

l.a. law

rudy law is still involved with the dodgers, which is good to know.  he found his way into tommy lasorda's doghouse at some point, and was shipped off to the american league.  he returned to the southland at some point, and now makes various appearances around town representing dodger blue.

law was the first player i remember seeing in a minor league uniform on a big league card, thanks to his 1979 topps rookie card.  that set had quite a few guys wearing their minor league hats, but i obviously think of law because he was a dodger prospect, sandwiched between pedro guerrero and joe simpson. 

since this is pretty much a standard 'through the mail success' post, i'll cut to the chase.  here are a bunch of cards that rudy law signed for me through the mail.

his aforementioned 1979 rookie card:
his 1981 donruss card
that may be my favorite of his cards.  a nice bunt on a nice sunny dodger stadium day.
here's his 1981 fleer card
not sunny.  and his 1981 topps card
beware the hatless pose, rudy!  it means you're on your way out.  and so he was.  law was traded to the white sox during spring training in 1982.  here's his 1984 donruss card
and finally, here's his card that should have been since he was a member of the 1978 dodgers
priceless.  thanks rudy!

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