05 November 2011

clearing out the double play queue

here are a few more double play cards that i have been hoarding in preparation for an all-out tournament of double play cards to be conducted most likely in december.  these should get a decent seeding.  here's a 2003 carl's jr padres card of ozzie smith
trippy.  the weird thing about this set is that there was a different design for each card.  the garvey from the set is nowhere near as wack.

2005 upper deck espn nomar garciaparra web gems insert
yes, virginia, nomar played for the cubs.  i also like the fact that shawn green makes an appearance.  however, i like the next card better.  it's a 2011 topps marquee troy tulowitzki card
but it's got matt kemp sliding in.  lurker bonus!

i am going to guess that the guy sliding in on chris speier's 1972 topps in action card is milt may
just a guess.  and yes, night owl, this card will get a decent seeding.  even if i were using your copy instead of my own.

here's one that probably won't even get to the play-in game.  1995 topps john valentin
valentin is still standing, and all we see of the slider is ass and legs.  not good enough, but still a double play card.

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