19 November 2011

caught on tape

i no longer buy packs.  done.  so, the topps update cards that i own mostly came from purchasing a team set/dodger insert lot on ebay.  unfortunately for me, the matt kemp/jerry sands diamond duo card was not included in that lot.  it was a card i wanted, and i had an order going in on sportlots, so i added it to my purchase.

it came in the mail a couple of weeks ago, along with a couple of other dodgers in a semi-rigid holder sealed with scotch tape.  i will admit that i was careless in getting the cards out, and didn't notice that the tape was affixed to the card.  i wound up tearing a nice little triangle to the right of sands.
i also use scotch tape sometimes to seal a team bag or maybe a toploader, but i am trying more and more to use painter's tape.  however, i never use scotch tape across the top of a semi-rigid protector.  there's no reason to.
i wound up picking up another copy of the card, free of tape.
now i can see the face of the thinker in the marlins dugout.

i'm still annoyed with myself.  the card looks like one of those 1950's cards that was stuck in an album, except the tape induced tear is on the front instead of the back.

oh well.  no use crying over ripped cardboard.