13 November 2011

7 cards from the number 5 collection

not too long ago, matthew from the number 5 type collection noted he had some extra 1973 topps cards.  since i am trying to complete that set, i asked him to send me some, and he did.  he's nice like that.

here's tommie agee's card which features and umpire and zero astros.
them's just a bunch of metropolitans made to look like astros, since agee was dealt from new york to houston after the 1972 season.  when 1974 rolled around, agee was in saint louis cardinals clothing, but was kinda sorta in la.
here's dick allen, who did actually play for the dodgers
he seems like an interesting cat. i watched the interview he gave to bob costas on the mlb network a few months ago and learned that you can call him rich, richie, or dick - he doesn't care.  after a pretty good season for la in 1971, the dodgers traded him to the white sox, only to see him win the al mvp in 1972.  that's ok, though, as the blue got tommy john in return, and the trade also opened up third base for steve garvey and then ron cey.
here's hall of famer bert blyleven
and hall of fame teammate rod carew
both twinkies would finish their careers with the angels, although carew was retired by the time blyleven got there.  in 53 plate appearances against bert, carew hit .260 with just one extra base hit (a double) and struck out 4 times.
jeff burroughs, on the other hand, struck out 19 times against blyleven
of course, he also took him deep four times.  i think of burroughs mostly as the 1974 al mvp winner, thanks to the 1975 topps card that he shares with steve garvey as a result.
bobby winkles
i think of winkles as the a's manager, since that's how he was pictured in the 1978 topps set, but obviously he had another gig before then.  i like this card a lot because it features a guy named 'salty', octogenerian and former roommate of babe ruth jimmie reese, and former dodger backstop john roseboro.  tom morgan i could do without.  just kidding, tom.
finally, we have the highest of the high numbers. the last card of the set, number 660.  it's fred scherman
scherman had a heckuva year in 1971 for the tigers.  he won 11 games, saved 20 others, had an era of 2.71, and, in his first career start - and only start of the season - he threw a complete game in a win over the orioles.

thanks matthew!

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