18 November 2011

topps, you could have done so much better. and you did!

tom haller was traded by the giants to the dodgers in february of 1968.  i don't mind the fact that he was still featured as a giant in the 1968 set, but i find it curious that topps had a full season in which they could have found a photo of haller in dodger blue, but they managed not to.  here's his 1969 topps card.
gross.  only slightly better (thanks to the airbrushed 'la' on his cap) is his 1969 topps deckle edged card.  plus, that's the same photo topps used on his 1964 card!

but then there is this, haller's 1969 topps decals, well, decal.
so bright, so blue! so much better than a dodger in giants' clothing.  both dodgers to get decals in 1969 have different photos than their base cards (drysdale is the other), but that's not necessarily the case across the board.  for example, maury wills is still dressed as a pirate while listed as an expo.  better him than haller.

thanks topps for at least one decent tom haller issue from 1969.

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Jim from Downingtown said...

There's no rhyme or reason to the laziness of Topps' photographers.

The Phillies traded for Don Lock in December 1966, yet Lock's '67, '68, and '69 cards (all with the Phillies) featured 3 DIFFERENT hatless photos of Lock.

The same month, the Phillies also acquired Dick Hall from the Orioles, yet Topps was able to have Hall in a Phillies' uniform for his 1967 card.

Jim Bunning was traded to the Pirates in December 1967, but his '68 AND '69 cards feature a hatless photo. The same trade involved Woody Fryman going from the Pirates to the Phillies. You can probably guess what Fryman's '68 and '69 cards looked like.