12 November 2011

cards i got from carl crawford cards for sending a non-carl crawford card with carl crawford on it

is it ironic that carl crawford is a foreground lurker on this 2011 topps update elliot johnson 1/1 printing plate card that i picked up for paul at carl crawford cards?
who cares?  all that matters is that he got his card and i got mine, this very pretty 2009 topps 206 jackie robinson relic card
paul dangled this out there for the person who could pry the johnson plate away from an ebay seller.  i took the bait.  paul also sent a few dodgers along for the ride, including a 1960 topps jim gilliam card
complete with pen swirls - the kind you make when you're trying to get the pen juices flowing - and this 1996 upper deck spx eric karros card
hologram goodness!  as usual, there were also a couple of packs of junk wax.  1988 donruss, to be exact.  still, there were a couple of cool cards in the pack, like this atlee hammaker card
featuring a picture of the grand-slam allowing all-star sitting in dodger stadium, and this franklin stubbs card
just because he's a dodger.

there was also a pack of 1988 topps uk minis, and i pulled this charlie hough card
man, if brits and the irish couldn't get excited about seeing a guy like charlie hough on a card, i don't know what would get them interested in baseball.

thanks paul!  i'll keep an eye out for some more headhunting requests...


Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet Jackie!

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Glad you like the Jackie! I definitely owe you a bit more for all the Rays! Thanks again for the trade.