26 November 2011

more through the mail successes to be thankful for

since one shouldn't be thankful just on thanksgiving, here are some more through the mail successes i am thankful for.  especially the first one, since it took me a couple of tries - it's stan musial's personal issue postcard
the first time i tried ttm with stan the man, i got the postcard, but it was unsigned.  the second time, i waited for a while and was happy to see this show up.  awesome success.

here's bobby valentine, a guy who has signed for me before
i wanted this card signed since it is a nice dodger stadium card with bobby v airbrushed into his angel  uniform

i sent cards to davey johnson a couple of times.  the first time, i did not receive anything back.  then, last season, i sent him a couple of cards c/o the nationals.  he signed one - his 1978 topps card
which is nice. if i had to choose one, i would prefer this one over the 2001 topps card i sent, even though that is a dodger card.

i showed off my 1978 topps lance parrish card on thanksgiving.  he signed a couple of other cards for me, too, including his 1984 donruss card and his
1989 upper deck card
parrish now charges $15, and i haven't decided whether to send him a dodgers police card (his only dodger issue) to sign.

one guy who won't be signing any dodger cards is orlando hudson, who did sign a 2010 topps update card for me
for which i am thankful.  hopefully hudson is healthy next year, although i don't necessarily want the padres to be competitive.

like parrish, i previously showed my 1978 topps rick wise card that the red sox righty signed for me.  here's the bonus 1976 topps that he threw in
along with the note he wrote and signed
nice guy.
finally, i am even thankful for the non-autograph responses.  robin yount sent back a form letter post card
along with a pre-printed hall-of-fame postcard
the only true successes that i have seen on sports card forum are for people living in wisconsin.  i had a sconie send a card to yount about a year ago, and haven't heard back yet.  here's hoping!

thanks to all the ballplayers who sign for the fans, it is appreciated!

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