02 May 2010

to be continued...

i have posted before about cards that have the same or similar photos, or even have sequential photos, but i don't think i have noted any two cards that each use one-half of the same photo.  that's the case on these 2000 upper deck yankees legends cards of lou gehrig
and babe ruth.
the photo shows a gracious gehrig congratulating ruth after a home run.  maybe it would be easier if the cards were side-by-side.  like this:
well, it's certainly not the same, but i saw a similar photo from the dodgers' series at citi field with jamey carroll and russell martin and decided to try my hand with their 2010 goose joak originals, even though i had already done cards for both of those guys.

here goes - jamey carroll
and russell martin
definitely not as iconic as gehrig and ruth, but at least it makes the cards more interesting. 

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