26 May 2010

lima time one last time

as pretty much everyone knows by now, former dodger jose lima died last weekend of a heart attack.  he was only 37 years old.  here's the gold parallel version of his 2004 topps traded card.
he played for the dodgers for just one season, but it was a good one.  in 2004 lima won 13 games (the most he had won since his 21 win season in 1999 with the astros) and was slated to pitch in game 3 of the nlds against the cardinals.  the dodgers had lost the first two games of the series, both by the score of 8-3 and looked to be headed home for the winter in their third consecutive postseason sweep.  but that wasn't going to happen during lima time.  lima threw a 5 hit shutout, shawn green hit 2 home runs, and the dodgers lived to fight another day.  even though they lost the next game, lima had given us fans hope.

he gave us hope, he entertained us, and he seemed to live his life happily.  i am sure he will be missed.
the picture used for the 2010 goose joak original shown above was taken at dodger stadium on friday night, just a day and a half before he died.  here's to you jose lima!


Collective Troll said...

Thanks for the LIMA TIME Tribute!!! I had forgotten about his time with the Dodgers. I will always remember him as an Astro, but I more so I will remember his voice saying his catch phrase... Being the same age as Lima and having hereditary heart issues this makes me nervous, but as a baseball fan it makes me said. I appreciate seeing the tributes to a fine individual who kept our game fun and exciting...Lima Time Forever!

Peterson said...

Dude was a total loon, but I will miss him greatly.