09 May 2010

nefarious9 from mariner1

larry aka mariner1 over at emerald city diamond gems sent me some gems from my nefarious 9, as well as a few other cool cards.  here's a quick sampling

1990 topps glenn wilson
this card is fantastic.  the border, wilson's jersey, and the dodger stadium pavilion come together in a confluence of color goodness.

1991 fleer ultra eddie murray
eddie is swinging from his heels.  or heel. 

2009 topps update and highlights xavier paul
paul just got sent down when manny was activated off of the disabled list.  i wonder if paul will be able to win the left field job next year with manny being done or sent somewhere else.

1976 topps texas rangers team
sweet.  one of the few i have left to complete the set.

thanks larry! you should be getting some cards in the mail any day.  and for everyone else, the list is updated and ready for further destruction.

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