14 May 2010

break me off a piece of that icons case

not fancy feast. or chrysler car.  as many of you know, carl crawford cards and sewingmachineguy busted a bunch of upper deck icons last month.  i had the dodgers and i was well rewarded.  aside from the base cards, i happily received a clayton kershaw manufactured patch lettermen card
o.  all i could say was o.  at least the intent is for the cards to spell out his name, not something silly like 'the second coming of koufax' or 'no pressure but you are supposed to lead us to the promised land.'

speaking of pressure, here's a matt kemp future foundations parallel
along with the white swatch jersey version

interesting and scary things coming out (check out vin scully is my homeboy) about who matt kemp may be and what crazy ned might do about it.  i think i would self destruct if ned traded my baseball salvation.

next up is a chad billingsley icons white swatch
i have stopped expecting anything from billingsley.  now i just hope for a quality start most of the time.  i hope he pulls it together because the dodgers really need some consistency from their pitching staff right now.

speaking of which, i also received a james mcdonald rookie auto
i expected mcdonald to be the number 5 starter this year, as did a lot of people.  i don't know if his demotion to aaa was to send a message or if he has regressed or what, but i hope he can also right the ship and get back up to the big club.

thanks guys, for hosting the break.  looking forward to the june break as i am hoping my extraordinary luck continues!


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Glad you like the cards.

Again, that box will live in infamy, dominated by Dodgers! Congrats on those, man, and thanks for being on board.

SpastikMooss said...

Love the Office reference...very nice!

Sooz said...

You did well on the break. Nice.