09 May 2010

cards from padrographs

rod at padrographs struck again recently with some more great cards.  i'll start with a 1986 donruss diamond king orel hershiser
and his 1986 donruss base
i guess we know which photo dick perez used to paint the diamond king portrait, although the artist put him in the home whites instead of the windbreaker.

another 1986 donruss card, this one of gilberto reyes
reyes appeared in a game for the dodgers in 5 different seasons, but 1986 was not one of them.  in 1985, his third year with the club, he had just one official at bat and three total plate appearances.  he hit two of the three true outcomes in those appearances - striking out and walking in his first two, but then he was hit by a pitch before he could hit a homerun in his third plate appearance.  for some reason, donruss decided he was worthy of a card and here we are.

2009 topps unique matt kemp red parallel
not sure if i like the red better than the black base.  blue might have been a good color to go with, especially for the dodgers.

speaking of blue, here's a 1990 score darrin fletcher
you've got to love the landscape photo with the portrait card format.  strange that score was so rigid with the layout that they couldn't go horizontal yet they didn't bother using a different photo.

rod also sent a few cards from 2010 topps pro debut - a set i had not seen nor heard of until he featured it on his blog.  here's tony delmonico of the great lakes loons
this season, delmonico is with the high-a inland empire '66ers where he is catching and hitting around .300 under the watchful eye of franklin stubbs.

garrett gould of the ogden raptors
gould appeared in 3 games for the raptors last season.  he got hit around a bit, but that's ok.  the kid is only 18.

ehtan martin
now we're getting somewhere as this guy is highly touted, usually in the top 3 of dodger prospects.  like delmonico, he's currently with the '66ers with charlie hough as his pitching coach.  he turns 21 in a month and is currently striking out batters at a rate of over one per inning.

jon michael redding
here's another loon now pitching for the '66ers.  he's struggling a bit so far this season, but he went 16-3 last year with the loons.

blake smith
smith played in the arizona rookie league last year, and is with the loons so far this year.  he's a rightfielder hitting about .280 with 5 home runs and 20 rbi.

we'll finish with a current isotope, brent leach, shown here on a 2009 bowman draft picks and prospects card
leach went 2-0 in 38 games for the dodgers last year, but hasn't been called up yet.  with george sherrill struggling, there may be a need for a situational lefty sooner rather than later.

thanks for the cards rod!


Matt Runyon said...

ooh--haven't seen the pro debut cards yet!

that's a strange-looking score card.

Play at the Plate said...

That is a strange Score layout.