02 May 2010

thorzul rules in mannywood(land)

check out this cool card i got as part of a 2009 ud piece of history break hosted by thorzul.  mannywood!  awesome.
actually, the card i received was of the original hollywood sign, but since frank mccourt has stolen the idea and used it for the left field pavilion at dodger stadium (even though it was hugh hefner that saved the real sign) i figured i could bastardize it some myself.  here's the original card.
speaking of manny, he was pulled in triplicate - base
blue parallel
and green algae color parallel
one of the very few cards you will see of manny with his glove.

i think i got the complete base set with manny, kershaw, russell martin
and matt kemp
this is kind of a throwback pose - the twisted torso/swing follow through, but it doesn't look like he's posing.  i wonder where the photographer was positioned to get this shot.

i also got the two dodger rookies - james mcdonald and scott elbert
both mcdonald and elbert are at aaa, but with the way things are going with the pitching staff on the big club, they could be up very soon.

i also got a few inserts, like this derek lowe timeless moments
he got his first dodger win on jackie robinson day, 2005

and then there is the obligatory white swatch jersey piece, this one of rafael furcal
hot pink baseball cards!  wowza.

thanks thorzul for hosting!  night owl, i got a few doubles i will set aside for you.

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night owl said...

No need for those, unless they are either pretty colors (gray is not pretty) or numbered. I have the Raffy jersey card too.