22 May 2010

kevin tapani - censored!

the photo selection and the fact that the info box on this 1996 donruss kevin tapani card scans darkly, along with where it is placed, makes me wonder if there was a wardrobe malfunction that needed to be obscured.
it's kind of an awkward card.  but, it's one of the few to feature tapani in a dodger uniform, so that means it's one of the ones i sent to him as part of a ttm request last summer.
he also signed his 1996 score card
tapani's dearth of dodger cards results from his short stay in la.  he was acquired in 1995 at the trading deadline from the twins, and then signed with the white sox after the season was over.  for whatever reason, tapani wasn't included in the 1995 topps traded set, nor was he featured as a dodger in the 1996 flagship set.

while he still lives in minnesota, i haven't seen him at twinsfest or the annual autograph party, so i sent a second batch of cards later last year.  first, his 1990 upper deck card
his 1994 upper deck card,
and a 1995 pinnacle.
that background looks an awful lot like dodger stadium, but there was no interleague play prior to 1995, and i think the pre-season games at dodger stadium were still exclusively dodger/angel matchups back then.  at any rate, i am glad to have these cards in my ttm collection.

thanks kevin!

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