19 May 2010

gee wally, that's swell!

i am speaking, of course, not of the infamous unibrow so apparent on wally moon's cards, but of his autograph that i was able to obtain through the mail on two occasions. first, his 1962 topps,
and then his 1963 topps.
moon charges $6 per card, and i was happy to pay to add these two cards to my collection.

really, though, it seems as though his unibrow gets a lot of attention. it's such an obvious and potential signature characteristic, kind of like rollie fingers' mustache or joe mauer's sideburns. here it is on his 1961 topps card
which i think needs more attention paid to the fact that it appears painted, although not as obviously as the 1978 topps greg minton.

moon was the nl roy in 1954 with the cardinals, and had some great years for the dodgers. he helped them to three championships and made the most out of his time playing in the la coliseum, hitting those 'moon shots' to left.

thanks wally! and be sure to check out wallymoon.net, where you'll find that he still has a mean unibrow.

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